Mourning Memories is a family owned and operated company serving funeral homes and their directors. We take a great deal of pride in our products and services. You can always reach one of us for anything you may need. Mourning Memories specializes in providing innovative products for the funeral industry. We combine the latest cloud technology with user-friendly kiosks to replace often-illegible hand-written traditional register books.


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  • The Mourning Memories kiosk utilizes an intuitive interface on a 17 inch screen. This allows us to use large, easy to read fonts and input fields.
  • Our full size keyboard and mouse are more familiar and easier to use than a touch screen device.
  • Just the names of previous guests are displayed on the left side of the screen, eliminating the need for guests to navigate away from the registration screen to view previous guests. All personal information such as address, city, state, zip, and email of each guest is stored securely hidden for the family and director to view later.


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  • We adapt to you. Our system is flexible so you are free to use any style of book or card that you choose. Meaning there is no need to switch manufacturers just to use our system. We can also customize pages for any book to fit your unique needs.
  • Our kiosk machines are always portable and can be customized to fit anywhere or match any décor.
  • We work hard to tailor our system to your specific business needs. Thus making the entire experience cost effective, effortless, straightforward and unique.


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  • With Mourning Memories there is no start-up cost, no contracts to sign or software to purchase. Just let us know you want to give it a try and we’ll get you started using the easiest to use and the most cost efficient digital register. We provide three ways to get started.
    • 1. Pay nothing up front to get started and pay a nominal fee each time you use our system.
    • 2. Rent our kiosk and podium and get a monthly invoice for the equipment.
    • 3. Purchase our kiosk and podium and pay no equipment fees ever again.